The Mill Office

This single storey Pavilion building in the North end of the Courtyard was a later edition to the mill. It was built as offices for the two Stuart brothers each having the same sized office on either side of a circular central area capped by a ornamental plaster dome. Each office had a bay window and a fireplace for heating. Is was constructed in the then fashionable Egyptian style, with battered stone basecourse and ashlar stone face, with the windows and doors being tapered openings similar to those found on ancient Egyptian Buildings, being explored at the time. A similar Pavilion building exists in Trinity College in Dublin. Beneath this building is a later added basement which housed the main clerical records of the business. By the time the site had been assembled and development started, the roof had collapsed and two substantial stone lions which flanked the doorway have been moved by an interim owner to a garden in the Thames Valley. The building was taken back to the stone walls, and redeveloped in sympathy with the original but with a glass “tent” extension projecting into the Courtyard. A new dome has been constructed and this together with the glass extension makes a dramatic building both internally and externally. The building operates as a bar/ restaurant, and is a great asset to Eskmills and to Musselburgh

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