Adam Ferguson House

Adam Ferguson House During Development


Adam Ferguson House Post Development

This building on the West side of the courtyard is basically a new steel framed building, behind and existing stone façade.

The original single story mill building reached from the Courtyard in a run of seven pitched roof bays to the boundary wall with Station Road. This was demolished, retaining the courtyard façade and  the north end two bay section.

The new two storey building with the upper floor within the roof to retain the external profile was constructed behind the courtyard façade.  The North section was reconstructed as per the original with a two bay pitched roof, retaining an example of the original construction.

The balance of the original building floorplate is given over to parking accessed from Station Road.

The new façade to this parking was done in facing “common” brick and render with detailing sympathetic to the Victorian mill buildings.

At the North end above the impressive courtyard door and pediment is a stone shield with the letter S and date 1867.  This a new carving to replace an existing which was too badly damaged to restore.  The S is for Stuart the mills owners and 1867 the date of original construction.


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