History of the Buildings, Then and Now

Redevelopment of Eskmills

The redevelopment and restoration of Eskmills was started in the late 1980’s by Malcolm Gillies, who had purchased the various parts of the old mill over many years and eventually managed to re assemble the orginal Mill site.

The Mill buildings were in a state of considerable decay, and required radical efforts to bring back into use, plus many ad hoc ancilliary buildings had been constructed over the years with the original layout and its focus on a central courtyard, totally lost.

The redevelopment included demolition of many of these additional buildings, taking the complex back to the late Victorian layout, and then restoring facades and roofs, some new build, and constructing modern high quality offices within these restored shells.  The Central Courtyard was cleared and restored into a contemporary “piazza”, with reflective pools and hard lanscaping, enclosed by the floodlit buildings.  The central former owners offices have been restored to house a good quality restaurnat.

Thee mill complex now offers 100,000 sq. ft. of modern office space, houses some 58 companies employing 650 people, and brings substantial benefit to the local economy.

Eskmills has in many ways come full circle, and has again become a substantial centre of employment to the East Edinburgh /  Musselburgh area and beyond.

The final building, and with it the completion of the Eskmills project is the development of Archibald Hope House.  This has  been redeveoped into a two-storey building similar to Adam Ferguson House, offering nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of office space. The building has been fitted out on the ground floor to create a 6,000 s.ft. event space plus a 3,000 s.ft. Commercial Kitchen.  The upper floor will house further small / medium office totalling 8,000 s.ft.

With Eskmills now essentially complete, the emphasis moves to further enhancing our quality, making sure tenants enjoy an excellent working environment, and providing the best service to these tenants to ensure the ongoing success of Eskmills.

Art and environment are key parts of this and now a gradual upgrading of the services to reflect recent developments in green energy and general energy efficiency, communications, and working styles are underway, with outdoor art in the pipeline.

Selection of early photographs showing the work required at the old mills.