Landscaping and Wildlife

The developers throughout the work at Eskmills have placed a high priority to not only improving the visual aspects of the site but have a strong agenda to encourage an all round better environment.

An obvious start to this change was clearing the derelict site from years of neglect and vast collections of rubble and rubbish. The buildings themselves then breathed life with numerous new businesses encouraged by the prospect of working in such an environment. However, a modern quality office will hold tenants with equally high expectations. So, the developers have considered the tenants needs, (such as plenty of car parking), and yet supply a truly inspiring environment.

The Eskmills site is surrounded by woodland, interesting walks and is near to the historic town of Musselburgh. Care has been taken to blend into the surroundings when building and repairing stone walls, landscaping and planting trees, and the same applies to the woodlands around the site. The old lade will be planted with trees and shrubs and new walks developed. In turn, this will encourage more wildlife accompanied by assisted examples such as the introduction of bat boxes.