Biodiversity Enhancement Scheme

Biodiversity enhancement is a key objective of the Eskmills environmental management system. This summer we will be conducting a review of Biodiversity supported at the Eskmills site.

A plan will be drawn up with the view to encourage native species of vegetation, enhancing habitats for a wide range of creatures. In addition we will consider opportunities to create new habitats around Eskmills to attract and support a wider range of species than at present.

A significant part of the biodiversity enhancement project at Eskmills will be to provide a pleasant and rewarding working environment for the tenants of Eskmills. It is hoped that we will create footpaths in the wooded area, install benches and provide information or interpretation boards relevant to the area. Biodiversity will also be relevant to Eskmills as a green tourism site and the project will seek to find interesting waysof increasing awareness, understanding and enjoyment of biodiversity as a key resourcefor the wider community. There won’t be much to see for some time, however over the next year or so we should start to see action giving further opportunity to enjoy the environment surrounding Eskmills.

The initial planning phase of the project will essentially involve finding out what we already have in the way of biodiversity at Eskmills. With this knowledge in place we will be able to identify an action plan for the site that will involve planting and vegetation control with certain non-native species marker for eradication. In addition to this there is the possibility attracting more wildlife for birds, bat boxes, planting to encourage insects (butterflies/bees) and the construction of ponds or wetland habitat for a variety of creatures.