Art + Amenity

The Gallery at Eskmills

The Gallery at Eskmills is an interior space overlooking the piazza supplying a dedicated space and venue for the visual arts, and more. Throughout the Eskmills location examples of various artists’ work are displayed within this stunning business environment.

Performing Arts

The Courtyard at Eskmills will see events hosted over the year. The space will be potentially used for exhibitions and performances and involving groups as diverse as the local community up to The Edinburgh Festival.

Sponsoring the arts

Isertal is also using the Eskmills brand name to sponsor arts events outwith Eskmills.

ArchitectureThe main buildings face onto a central 73m x 30m stone flagged Courtyard Piazza, with reflective pools, fountain, sculptures and seating.The single building within the courtyard was the former mill owners office. This was built in Victorian Egyptian Pavilion style and will soon be extended with a contemporary glass structure to contain the Bistro. Diners will have views over the piazza courtyard and the central water feature with the main floodlit facade in the background.All building facades are ornamental stone, and floodlit.